Start selling tickets to your event in minutes.

Selling tickets to an event online can be daunting, which is why we've added this ticketing platform to our website EntertainmentXP, LLC. It is incredibly easy to start selling tickets online in minutes. Here's how it works: 
Step 1: Name your event, venue, and set the date, upload your event flyer, add your event description and include your event location. 
Step 2: Set your ticket prices, types, and quantities. Give your ticket(s) a name, then set your prices and the maximum number of those tickets that you want to sell. It's literally that easy. You'll be selling tickets to your event in no time.



Accept Credit Cards

Allow your guests to buy tickets to your event using any major credit card including Visa, Mastercard and American Express.


Instant Payouts

We don't hold your money. Ever. Payouts are transferred instantly to your account and deposited into your bank accout on a 2-day rolling basis.


Generate PDF Tickets

Generated PDF tickets will be emailed to buyers on payment completion. Event owners can get a CSV export of all attendees from their dashboard. 

Unlimited Ticket Types

Whether your event ticketing is simple or complex, we have you covered. Sell unlimited tickets types with dozens of advanced customizations.

Checkin Guest using QRCODE

Use your mobile web browser, or mobile APP to scan QRCODE and checkin guest at the event.


Emails Notification

Notification emails sent to event manager instantly when someone purchases a ticket for an event.

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Let Us Create Your Custom Website And Branding For Free

For selected partners. We will create a custom website with all custom branding and all the same features listed above. 

Powerful Features

It is can be a great choice for your online presence with powerful admin panel, one click installation, etc.

Multiple designs

A handful of carefully crafted designs at your fingertips, ready to be combined in different ways.

Our Pricing

Sell tickets at no cost to you!

A full suite of tools at no cost. Accept registrations, collect customer data, and manage check-in.

Everything you need for paid events. Manage ticket sales, collect customer data, process payments, and request payouts.

For free events

  • Accept registration
  • Collect customer data
  • QR Code Tickets
  • Manage check-in

For paid events

  • Instant Payouts
  • Accept Credit Cards
  • Generate PDF Tickets
  • Unlimited Ticket Types
  • Checkin Guest using QRCODE
  • Emails Notification
  • Stripe Fee: 2.9% + 30¢ 
     Transaction Fee: 3.59% + 99¢

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