Ding Dong has offered his opinion on the highly debated topic of Dancehall artistes buying fake views on streaming services.

In recent months the topic of Dancehall artistes allegedly buying “fake views” to boost their clout has come to the forefront, with various industry insiders having their say.

However, according to “Flairy” deejay Ding Dong, the practice is counterproductive and outright foolish. He claims such a strategy if really being incorporated, makes no sense to the artiste in the long run.

“Me nah do none a dem thing deh when it come on to mi music because guess wah, yuh buy dem ting deh, and when yuh look, yuh have 10 million views but when yuh go inna one country out deh so or one corner over deh so go perform the song, everybody just stand up a look pan yuh. So it nah match,” he said.

According to the deejay, the industry is in need of a serious shake-up as artistes are only doing things for quick attention, which will prove unsustainable in the long run of their careers.

Ding Dong recently had the No.1 trending video on YouTube for his single “Cha Cha Bwoy,” which was only replaced by fellow labelmate Teejay’s new effort “Uptop Boss.”

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