Usain Bolt Gets Feature In PES 2018 As Bonus

Usain Bolt in PES 2018 is very real. Those folks who still plays Pro Evolution Soccer might find this news interesting.

Usain Bolt once said that he is considering a career in football after his reign in track and field ends, which will likely be after competing in next year’s World Championship Games. He has always wanted to be a player for Manchester United which is his all time favorite club. But if he can’t get a place on any major club team, he will at least have a shot at scoring a few goals in PES 2018. Japanese game maker Konami revealed that the pre-order for the game will include Bolt on MyClub mode.

This means that early adapters of the game will have a chance to play with the fastest man in the history of this planet. There is no doubt that Usain Bolt will also be the fastest player in the game, thought he might be lacking in skills. But his speed should be a key asset for some gamers.

Pro Evolution Soccer 2018 comes out in September on Xbox One, Xbox 360, Playstation 3, Playstation 4, and on Windows PC.

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