Vershon rolls out the visuals for his “On and Off Switch” single.

The feel good single produced by One Time Music was released late last year.

“Me ears have an on and off switch / So when me hear the pagans a talk sh*t / Me just turn dem off, turn dem off / Turn dem off, me just turn dem off / A the Most High God me walk with / So me no waste my time ‘pon crosses / Me just turn dem off, turn dem off / Turn dem off, me just turn dem off,” The Queffa Boss sings over the beat.

Last week Vershon took to his Instagram account to upload a throwback photo with him flashing a smile, while sending a heartfelt message to his fans.

“Looking at this pic you can tell I was much happier back then. In other words money don’t make you happy!,” The “Inna Real Life” singer wrote.

“I would give up everything just to go back in time and spend #1 day being #Papa and not #Vershon it funny how people can just come round and all they do is take take take but never can give  .”

“If you’re suppose to fall this very moment who’s gonna be there for you? Ask yourself! It’s the start of #2019 be careful who you give your #Time #Energyand #Strength because you will not get it back! Have a wonderful 20.19 y’all ….. Far mi a cum from! #RateWhoRateYou  .,” he continued.

Watch Vershon “On and Off Switch” Music Video Below.


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