The action/drama visuals for “Me Alright” starts with two cops catching up on the weekend before they were interrupted by Mavado in his fast grey Ferrari.

A high-speed chase then ensued which saw Mavado drifting around the streets of Florida and flipping off the cops. The Gully Gad then calls up “Me Alright” producer Justus Arison to get the boat ready for him to make an escape.

Mavado luckily evaded the cops and then linked up with some banging ladies and his close friend, Vendetta deejay Alkaline on a luxury yacht.

“From A me gyal inna me bed and liquor buss inna me head/ Then weh a worry, could a the f**k mi worry fah? (Woii) / Every party weekend a so me and me friend dem a turn yard in America / Me well clean and me rocking the best,” Mavado deejays over the beat.

Watch Mavado’s new “Me Alright” Music Video below.

Mark Clarke

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