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Selling tickets with EntertainmentXP is always FREE to event managers/promoters.

Get Paid Instantly For Sold Tickets

Money goes straight into your account instantly when a ticket has been sold!


Sell tickets in just a few easy steps!

When you’re ready to sell tickets using EntertainmentXP, your event can be listed and ready for ticket buyers within minutes!

Step 1: Name your event, venue, and set the date, upload your event flyer, add your event description and include your event location.

Step 2: Set your ticket prices, types, and quantities. Give your ticket(s) a name, then set your prices and the maximum number of those tickets that you want to sell. Check out all the different ways EntertainmentXP can help you sell your tickets.


Generate PDF Tickets and Email Them While Registering

The system will generate PDF tickets and email them to buyers on payment completion.
Event owners can get a CSV export of all Event attendees from their Dashboard. They can use this export to print attendee/guest lists etc.

Awesome IOS and Android App For Event Managers!

Event owners take full control of their Events with the EntertainmentXP IOS and Android app for Event Owners. The EntertainmentXP Event Manager's application lets Event Owners/Organisers manage their events easily by Checking in attendees at their Event using EntertainmentXP's awesome Scan and Add and Search and Add Features.

Ticket Types

It also allows Event Owners to create Ticket types with varying pricing, availability and descriptions. For instance, an Event might Sell Basic Entry Tickets for $20 and Sell Premium Gold and Silver passes for $50 and $75. Event Owners can also choose whether they want to keep an event free or charge a fee by creating tickets. If they chose to make an Event Paid, they are shown options to create Tickets.

Reporting Features

Send Remind Me automated email marketing campaigns to your buyers

Download real-time ticket buyer information for your direct marketing campaigns

Easily set up your event on your own, or ask us to set up your event for you at no charge so you can focus on increasing attendance



It’s absolutely free to post and promote your free events


When you sell tickets and registrations using, fees will be passed to your ticket buyers. You get full ticket cost deposited instantly into your PayPal account. Service Charge

2.0% + 70¢

 PayPal Payment Processing Fee

2.9% + 30¢

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